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Visual ear tags
space Visual ear tags

The range of animal identification ear tags includes different models and sizes according to the animal which has to be identified and use. They are produced in flexible Polyurethane UV resistant and temperproof.
Color range: white, yellow, orange, green, blue and red.
They can be supplied blank or complete of numberation and logo.
The range includes:

  • Flexa line characterized by the flexibility of the pin according to the EU standards. These tags can be applied by an universal applicator.
  • Demaflex line characterized by a self-piercing rigid pin.
  • Medals and collars

33 sheets in 5 pages

01. Superflexa Maxi+Maxi
01. Superflexa Maxi+Maxi

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02. Flexa Maxi+Maxi metal point
02. Flexa Maxi+Maxi metal point

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03. Flexa Maxi+Button metal point
03. Flexa Maxi+Button metal point

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